Friday, July 8, 2011

Wow 6 months since last post!

Like they say life gets in the way. Where to start I don't even know. So here's a snippet of the last 6 months, in no particular order.
End of April Kamden participated in his 12th dance recital and he was in 11 dances. He choreographed a solo that was pure beauty. I wish I had it to show you, maybe later.
April 12 Kenley Joe Miller was born to Jordan and he is so sweet and has gotten so big and pudgy!! I love it
Our sweet Presley turned 3 this year. He is working on potty training and getting rid of the devil binki. He will go to pre-school and start dance this fall. His dance teacher is already so excited she has the dance song all picked out. So the next generation of Hough dancer's will begin! If you are looking for Presley, head outside, or look for grandpa he won't be far behind.
June 30 Kooper Wyatt Hough was born to Kolby and Kelsey. He is a darling little boy, he weighed 5lbs 15oz and is SO tiny. We thought he would be bigger since his dad is such a big guy. And today Kolby learned he got a job in Kingman, AZ. we are so sad of course. He will start August 2nd his dad is the most sad.

Well for tonight that is all

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve ~ Presley's Christmas ~ BB Gun

Opening his Red Ryder BB Gun from Uncle Kolby and Kelsey, not sure who was more excited. Kolby or Presley.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hiding Presley and Andro Dog

Look close there he is hiding behind the wall.

Taking grandma and Andro on a walk.

Presley's latest thing is hiding, it is so funny. No matter what you are doing he will walk around the corner and hide.
Also he LOVES Andro Dog, no fear, he has no idea the power Andro has in his body. But Andro is so cute with Presley he lets him just love on him.

Andro Dog

Jeff got a new position at work, Andro is his new partner! He is one of the K-9 handlers and is going to "Dota" Dog officer training academy in Tucson for the next 9 weeks. Jeff and Andro get to come home for a 3 day weekend each week and Andro has become part of the family. A little intimidating still to think with one simple word he could rip holes in you or take you to the ground without you even having a chance!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Some Catch up

So many things ~ on Sept. 28th Jeff and I had been married 25 year!! What a blessing Jeff has been in my life. Than on Sept. 29th I went in for major back surgery, again, 26 years later, I needed a remake of the back. I have been home 4 days and so thankful to be home again, in my own bed and house. The day after week got home Jeff took me on a ride to see the beautiful Escudilla mountain turning colors.
Jeff got a new position at work. He got the canine position and so is once again in Tucson going to what Kolby calls DOTA Dog, Officer Training Academy. He will be so amazing at this position.
Well I am getting tired and need to let Kam on the computer for a few minutes.
Try to post again soon.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

16? Really he is 16!?!

My baby is 16, where does the time go? Yesterday you hurriedly came into the world so quickly you couldn't wait for the doctor. And now you are all grown up and so SUPER AWESOME!! Thank you for being my 2nd best friend!! I love you SO MUCH!! Shoes by: Steve Madden (Birthday gift) Socks by: Ed Hardy
Shirt by: Army National Guard Vest by: G by Guess
and of course the Pants steal the show by: True Religion

Is he not so awesome, his style is just his style and he could careless what others think of him. One of my favorite things about you sweet boy!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Mechanics

It doesn't matter what Jeff is doing, Presley is right, and I do mean right in the middle of it. Here they are changing the brakes on Kolby's truck. If you ask Presley what he is doing, he will tell you "I'm workin'" and he is serious, don't bother him!!